The importance of ‘They Ask, You Answer’

An inspiring philosophy that underpins current best practice of successful online marketing.

As part of a post pandemic ‘Eyes Wide Open’ approach to our business, and the world around us, we’ve been really inspired by this book and found many aspects that can be applied to any business or sector.

It’s a highly recommended read to any professional involved in digital marketing, content creation, sales or business leaders in general. A part of his philosophy shines a light on establishing thought leadership and trust, two extremely compelling drivers in successful modern day marketing.

they ask you answer book cover

They Ask, You Answer takes consumer-focused marketing to the next level and recognises the rapid shift in consumer buying behaviour and their role in online brand endorsement.

Author Marcus Sheridan created this approach back in 2010 when his pool company (yes he was a pool guy!) was facing closure off the back of the housing collapse. He not only saved his own company but grew it into one of the largest in the US. He has subsequently helped hundreds of businesses, of all sectors do the same.

He revolutionised his approach to growth by dropping the marketing-speak, stopped “selling,” and started answering customers queries. When people have questions, they ask a search engine. If you have answers, the right content strategy will get them to the top of the search results and seen by millions of eyes every day.

You can access the easy and inspirational audiobook or hard copy through this link. We hope you enjoy the read and feel free to discuss his principles with MLT on 0333 344 2722 or via the online enquiry form.

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