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At MLT Digital (formerly Moore Legal Technology), we focus on delivering online marketing and business growth solutions for law firms.

Our team of experienced professionals truly understand the challenges employment law firm leaders face, and we will help you maximise the value of the internet and the opportunities it presents, to make your law firm reach your ideal clients. 

This may seem like a big ask? We’ve done it before and we’ll do it again – just make sure its with you.

From branding and lead generation services, to website design our marketing services have been designed to help law firms like yours succeed online.


Specialist marketing agency for employment law solicitors


What are the marketing challenges for employment lawyers?

The employment law sector is highly competitive, making it challenging for firms to distinguish their marketing efforts from other firms.

Common concerns we hear from our employment law clients include:

At MLT Digital, we assist law firms like yours in developing and implementing a marketing strategy tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you not only engage your target audience but also generate leads to fuel your firm’s growth.

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Why partner with MLT Digital?

At our legal marketing agency, we bring a wealth of domain expertise, a proven track record of success, and a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services to the table, all geared to elevate your employment law firm’s online stature and generate meaningful business opportunities.


Domain expertise

Partnering with MLT Digital for your employment law firm marketing can be a game-changing move for your business. 

We hold a comprehensive understanding  in both law firm marketing and online lead generation that is unparalleled in the industry.

Take advantage of our wealth of experience in law firm marketing and online business generation to fuel your growth?  Let us help you reach new heights in your employment law practice.


Track record of success

Choosing to partner with MLT Digital for your employment law firm means aligning with our proven record of success.

We have established a strong reputation for consistently generating significant returns and high-quality leads for our law firm clients.

Our track record shows our ability to deliver measurable results, from increasing web traffic and boosting online visibility to improving conversion rates and client retention.


Comprehensive service

Our comprehensive suite of services starts with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

This model helps your law firm reach new clients faster by  optimising your online presence and increasing the efficiency of your ad spend.

Alongside PPC, our content marketing strategies help you build trust with your potential clients, offering them valuable, relevant, and timely information that positions your firm as a thought leader in the employment law industry.

Tailored marketing for employment law firms

Don’t let your employment lawyer practice fall behind in the competitive legal landscape where many law firms are vying for attention.

Speak with us today to develop a bespoke marketing strategy that will drive results and turn potential clients into satisfied clients.


Our employment law marketing services

Don’t let your employment lawyer practice fall behind in the competitive legal landscape where many law firms are vying for attention.

Contact us today to develop a tailored marketing strategy that will drive results and turn potential clients into satisfied clients.

Search engine optimisation

Making your firm visible to clients in your community and beyond with a combination of on-page, off-page, and local SEO.

At MLT Digital, we understand the unique challenges employment lawyers face in optimising their online presence to stand out in the competitive legal landscape.

Our expert SEO services are designed to directly address these issues, ensuring that your firm ranks prominently on search engines and connects with clients seeking your specialised legal expertise.

To achieve this, our team of SEO experts will target relevant keywords that align with the specific services you provide, an aspect most employment law firms often struggle with.

Through our comprehensive digital marketing efforts, we’ll enable search engines to prioritise your firm when displaying results to potential clients who are actively searching for employment law services, positioning your firm for success in the online legal marketplace.

Website design and build

Exhibit your firm's professionalism and expertise through a tailor-made, responsive website that is search engine and user experience optimised, with a focus on employment law services. 

At MLT Digital, we understand the significance of having a well-designed and user-friendly web page to set your employment law firm apart from competing firms.

Our web design and development services focus on creating a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate website, filled with relevant content that showcases your expertise in the employment law sector.

By optimising your website’s content and structure, we’ll help improve your search rankings, ensuring your firm is more visible to potential clients compared to other websites. Our team also ensures that your website is accessible across various devices, including mobile devices, to cater to the needs of a diverse audience.

By investing in professional web design and development, your employment lawyer marketing efforts will be more effective, resulting in increased client engagement and a stronger online presence.

Reputation management

Safeguard and bolster your firm's online reputation with our proactive reputation management solutions, aimed at maintaining a positive and reliable image for your employment law practice. 

At MLT Digital, we recognise the vital role reputation management plays in the success of employment lawyers, as most law firms in this competitive sector rely on their reputation to attract paying clients.

Our expert services focus on enhancing your online presence by showcasing your expertise across various platforms, including legal directories, while highlighting testimonials and positive feedback from past clients.

By demonstrating the satisfaction of clients you’ve previously represented in your practice areas, we’ll help build trust with potential new clients who are actively seeking an employment lawyer.

Our reputation management services will ensure that your firm stands out in the crowded legal market, solidifying your position as a leading provider of employment law services and fostering lasting relationships with clients.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

Optimise your employment law firm's return on investment through our targeted PPC initiatives. 

Our expert PPC services are tailored to complement your marketing strategies, ensuring that your firm appears prominently in search results through targeted Google ads and paid advertising.

By crafting well-designed PPC campaigns, we’ll focus on driving potential clients to your web pages, positioning your firm as a go-to provider of employment law services.

To ensure that you reach clients actively seeking employment law expertise, we’ll enable search engines to feature your firm prominently in relevant, targeted searches.

PPC will not online help your employment law firm generate more leads but secure a competitive edge in the online legal space.

Social media management

Strengthen your brand and forge connections with prospective clients using our professional social media management services. 

Our expert services ensure that your social media advertising and content, such as blog posts and updates, are consistently aligned with your firm’s branding and values, creating a cohesive and powerful online presence.

At MLT Digital, we understand the importance of engaging potential employment law clients. By strategically managing your social media channels, we’ll help your law firm’s name resonate with prospective and potential clients seeking legal assistance, whether they represent employers or employees.

Our team works closely with you to ensure that your social media management not only showcases your expertise in employment law but also reflects your unique brand identity.

The key to a successful social media presence lies in maintaining a strong connection between your firm’s messaging and its core values, building trust and credibility with your target audience.


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