Marketing your law firm in the digital age – 10 top tips

The internet is replete with opportunities for the marketing-savvy law firm and, as such, you’ve got to make the most of your chances to increase turnover, drive online visibility, and build your online reputation. 

To help you achieve online success, we’ve put together a top tips cheat sheet for your law firm.

10 tips to improving your online marketing

1. Find your area of expertise

Develop your niche and work towards marketing yourself as the ‘go-to’ solicitor for your area of practice and location(s). Market what you actively want to do more of.

2. Get reviews

If you have five star reviews appearing on the search engine results page and your competitors have none, you are much more likely to get more enquiries and more instructions. Positive and encouraging reviews initiate trust and establishing trust is the first hurdle to acquiring new clients.

3. Mobile first

Having a responsive web presence is essential. The number of people searching for legal services from a mobile device (as opposed to a desktop/laptop) is, unsurprisingly, increasing. This combined with the fact that Google actively favours mobile-friendly websites means that optimising your website for mobile traffic is no longer optional; it’s mandatory.

4. User-friendly experience and web design

Your website is very often a client’s first impression of your firm. Is your site aligned with your brand and value proposition? Does it offer a level of comfort of design and simplicity of user experience commensurate with the level of service you’re suggesting that you provide?

5. Content is King

Content is crucial to the success of any online activity designed to help you highlight your expertise and authority and generate more business. Developing robust quantities of relevant, authoritative, on-brand, targeted content will help you present better to search, convince potential clients that you are the firm for them and help increase the number of enquiries you receive via your website.

6. Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We’re not taking anything away from good old-fashioned SEO but law is one of those industries where local SEO really works well as people often search for help in their local area. There are a number of tactics to do this successfully but it has to be a critical part of your online marketing strategy

7. Pick your low hanging fruit by marketing to existing clients

It’s amazing how few firms take advantage of their existing client contact database; people who already know you and trust you. Sending out an email newsletter to current clients who may have a limited understanding of the scope of your services will help to keep you front of mind for such a time as when they require the services of a solicitor again.

Maintaining contact between instructions also helps to create a stronger relationship by building a sense of trust and familiarity with your brand or business.

8. Google Ads for quick wins (PPC)

Utilised within the context of an overarching growth strategy and for particular areas of practice and times of year, PPC (pay-per-click advertising) is a great way to achieve high visibility and quick results by driving additional conversion focused traffic to your website.

9. Review and improve

Do you know how many leads your website generates for you each month? Or how many of those leads turn into new instructions? To determine the long-term value of your marketing outlay and to generate more leads, you to need to continually analyse, review, and improve.

10. Handle calls better

Answering the telephone can often be viewed as an ‘admin’ task. And not just any admin task, one that is frequently delegated to employees who typically:

  • have the least to gain from converting an enquiry 
  • are further down the salary bracket
  • might be least engaged with the long-term health or growth of the business.

Call handling should be viewed squarely as a business development task. After all, what’s the point of investing your hard-earned cash in generating new enquiries if the leads are being lost at the first point of contact? You can read more about call handling in our insights piece ‘How to win business by tracking enquiries’.

Level up your law firm’s marketing today

By ensuring you have implemented all of the marketing tips outlined above, you are in a great position to grow your presence online and generate more business. Get in touch today by calling 0333 344 2722 or complete the online enquiry form to improve your digital marketing.

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