Sutton Defence Lawyers

Online business generation is now the main source of business for Sutton Defence Lawyers

“Friendly, knowledgeable and always available. Helpful to a novice like me and never demeaning. I’ve been a client for 5.5 years which says something in these days of constantly comparing and switching. Highly recommended.”



Stuart Sutton established his own law firm, Sutton Defence Lawyers, having been a lawyer at leading criminal firm, Tuckers Solicitors.

We were instructed to help generate Stuart a certain number of online enquiries (turning into a certain number of paying clients) each month for certain areas of criminal defence work.



To do so, we designed and built a modern new website at Sutton Defence Lawyers, with ongoing optimised content written by our team, together with SEO and PPC campaigns (Google Ads and Microsoft Bing Ads).

During lockdown, we helped provide elements of our Your Law Firm Success™ approach, such as live chat, to help increase and convert clients further.



Online business generation is now the main source of business for Sutton Defence Lawyers, helping Stuart and his growing team to take on more than the target number of new clients each month.

The site now dominates search results for target practice areas across England and Wales. 

Traffic growth for the website across 2020-2021, helped by increasing organic and paid search performance.


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